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(This is one of those things you see that people share a lot on their computers. I felt like I needed to do it as well.)

I work for a place that helps you pay less to go to different places for fun. We help you find ways to fly and drive as well as look for places to stay. You can use your computer to ask our computers for ways to go somewhere, and ours will go out and search a lot of other computers for the best. Now you can also use our computers to talk to the people who own the fun spots to make sure you have a place to stay while you are having fun!

There are many computers that work with each other to do this job right, and it is my job in turn to make them work well. I am always looking for new ways to make the computers talk to each other so that they are faster and do not do bad things as much. I also make it easier for other people at my job to change the way you use our computers for the better.

What this means is I often tell my friends at work how to better write stuff to tell a computer how to do its job. This helps make it easier for other people to make the computer better, even if they don't know how the computer already works. I also help figure out ways for our computers to tell if my friends at work write stuff that doesn't work, and warn them if this happens.

(I forgot to share the way you can get to the computer that checks the words you use: http://splasho.com/upgoer5/)
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Last night in an attempt to get more sleep I happily went to bed around 10pm. I got an hour of sleep, woke up, and couldn't fall back asleep until around 3:30 or 4. I would have tried to sleep in and take a later shuttle or work from home, but 1) my computer decided to reboot and get stuck in limbo and 2) the freakish white sky started dumping snow this morning.

Let's see how long Ian lasts at work today! :-)
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Insomnia means I'm probably going to be dead at work in the afternoon.

On the other hand I got my code to compile. So in the morning I can run it and watch it crash and burn!

This entry was brought to you by intervocalic alveolar flapping.


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