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It's almost October 1, and I almost forgot: I'm walking in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's 5-km "Walk to Cure Diabetes" at the Hatch Shell again this year, along with [livejournal.com profile] blueshinycyborg and [livejournal.com profile] lokiect. If you would like to donate, you can either give me a check made out to the JDRF, or go to my walker page to donate online. Thanks!Cha̍p-go̍eh ti̍t-beh kàu--a, soah bē-kì-tit pò chi̍t-hāng tāi-chì hō· ta̍k-kē chai: kin-nî góa iū-koh beh lâi chham-ka It-hêng Thn̂g-jiō-pēⁿ Gián-kiù Ki-kim-hōe ê bō·-khóan o̍ah-tōng "Walk to Cure Diabetes". 10-go̍eh chhe-1, góa hām [livejournal.com profile] blueshinycyborg kap [livejournal.com profile] lokiect ē tàu-tīn ùi Hatch Shell ê hū-kīn khai-sí kiâⁿ chha-put-to 5 kong-lí. Nā ū siūⁿ-beh chàn-chō·, chhiáⁿ lâi góa ê bō·-khóan bāng-ia̍h kiâⁿ-kiâⁿ--le, hia ē-tàng ti̍t-chiap iōng sìn-iōng-khá koan-chîⁿ. To-siā!
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I was just taking out the trash when I looked up, and discovered that the sky was full of stars. Such a clear night it was that even with the light pollution in the city, one could make out constellations (not me, since I'm woefully ignorant on that front :P). And then there was this red star that was blinking... oh wait, that's an airplane.Tu-chiah 出去 摒 糞埽 e 時, 我 gia 頭 一看, 發現 講 天頂 e 星 是 有夠 che 粒. 哇, 這 不是 市內 逐工 long 會tang 看 著 e 呢. 擱 有 一粒 leh 閃 一下 閃 一下, 原來 彼 是 飛行機.
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Just got dinner from the Blue Shirt Cafe. A couple of old Asian men were screwing plastic tubing into the ceiling of the restaurant's entrance, and I heard one of them say, "Kam ū a-lú-mih ê thè-phù? A-lú-mih ê khah súi lah." (Is there alumnium tape? The aluminum stuff looks better.) I'm always struck by how nostalgic I get when I hear people speak my home dialect.
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The incident of February 28, 1947 was a defining moment in modern Taiwanese history; articles from the New York Times and the Nation at the time described the events of the massacre in vivid detail. Sadly, as discussion of the subject was banned for decades, I did not learn about it in school, and I only heard scattered anecdotes about its aftermath, the "White Terror", from family. But after 48 years, the government finally made a formal apology in 1995 and declared February 28 to be Peace Memorial Day to commemorate its victims.


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