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It's been a while since I posted, so it's time to catch up! Except the more I wrote the more pictures I added, so now it'll all be under an LJ cut. My last couple of months )
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So this afternoon, I was all psyched to make angel food cake. But I was foiled! ) Since I'd just returned from the grocery store earlier, I didn't feel like making another trip just for the egg whites. The angel food cake experiment will have to wait for another day!

Speaking of grocery stores, Johnnie's Foodmaster has been selling these cheap plastic tote bags that feel kind of like cloth. They all look the same, and every time I bring mine to the cash register the clerk has to ask me if I'd already bought it. How do I distinguish my bag so it's obviously not new? )

Here's what I ended up with:

Gliders on bag  Spaceship (LWSS) on bag

Also, I've been playing way too much Dr. Mario on the Wii lately. But I'd only played on medium speed until now. Apparently if you beat level 20 on high, you get the ending credits... with Mario and the viruses floating around. It looks like Dr. Mario has been abusing prescription medication: or perhaps I'm the one on drugs if I'm seeing stuff like this )


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