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I went in for an endoscopy at Mt. Auburn Hospital this morning. I remember everything up until the point where I was told to lie on my side and the doctor delivered the sedatives, and everything right after I woke up in the recovery area. Everything in between was an eerily missing chunk of my memory, as though I went to sleep right away and woke up naturally and not groggy. Getting off the bed was like standing up suddenly after you've been lying down for a long time.

[livejournal.com profile] chenoameg picked me up and drove me home, and I've been sipping ginger ale since ([livejournal.com profile] purplerecluse cleverly pointed out its existence). Doctors orders are to make no major decisions until tomorrow, so maybe I won't be able to work on anything meaningful today.

A few minutes ago the phone rang with a prerecorded message about satellite TV. The woman said to press one to talk to a rep, but for fun I hit the pound key, and got a lovely "your number has been removed from our system" message. Whee!
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The phone rings.

Ian: Hello?
Caller: (loudly) 喂,王先生啊! [Hello, Mr. Wang!]
Ian: (backs away from the receiver) ... hello?!
Caller: Do you speak Chinese?
Ian: (thinks for a minute) No.
Caller: *click*

Curses, Roommmate! You and your being profiled by Asian telemarketers! ;-)


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