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Apr. 13th, 2019 08:28 am
l33tminion: (Default)
[personal profile] l33tminion
It's been another two weeks. What have I been up to the past two weeks?

We did go play some Ingress and eat Cutty's chicken with some Ingress friends last week.

I actually have managed to get in a bit more long-form media than usual:

I read Alex Honnold's memoir Alone on the Wall, which was pretty interesting, including Honnold's account of the El Capitan free solo climb.

I've also been reading Radicalized, Cory Doctorow's new collection of four novellas. I like it, but expect people will like the book or not depending on if they generally like Doctorow's stuff.

I watched the first season of The Promised Neverland. Really good. I really like how it doesn't let the usual focus on the protagonists' cleverness and determination undermine the stakes, and it does a great job of making the motivations of the villains (at least, the ones in the foreground) understandable.

Finally, I've been playing Baba is You, a block-pushing rule-changing logic puzzle game where the rules of the game are set by blocks of text in the level and you can change the rules by manipulating those blocks. It's mind-bending and quite hard and one of the best-designed puzzle games I've seen. Often the levels seem so constrained and yet so impossible, until you have an aha moment about how it works. The mechanics are consistent and the individual mechanics are fairly simple, but the interactions are complex and the game is all exploration, no explanation. (It's actually complex enough to be Turing complete.)

That aside, work has been busy and it's been a struggle to get Eris to sleep on time. Nothing new.

Another new game!

Apr. 11th, 2019 12:08 pm
mathhobbit: (Default)
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Some words, the spellchecker doesn't recognize. How many of those can you squeeze into a single sentence?

"Decluttering the precalculus subaccount" is my best phrase so far.

Lots of knitting projects

Apr. 7th, 2019 10:33 am
firstfrost: (knit)
[personal profile] firstfrost
Wow, lots of things since before Christmas, mostly small.

Three hats! One of these was bartered to my niece in exchange for an art project, which we settled on being a picture of a cat on [personal profile] fearless_prime 's suitcase, so that we can tell it from the infinite number of black suitcases on the luggage carousel.   (Original idea from brother in law Dave, who has a black suitcase with white handprints, like Saruman's orcs).  And two chemo hats, one funny and  one, well, less elegant than I might have liked, because I always forget that Malabrigo is a little uneven.

White  knit hat with ears Grey crochet hat embroidered to look like the Death Star Knit hat with light green cabled trees and darker green leaf borrder


One pair of socks for the Christmas pile:

Blue knit socks with a diagonal lace pattern

Two Yip Yips.  [personal profile] marleigh wanted one for her door for the Joco cruise - and there were something like a dozen of them scattered around doors throughout the ship - and then Eon wanted one too.   They are ridiculously fast to make - the yarn is a bulky fuzzy thing that other people have described as "knitting with unraveled Muppet" so it's easy to turn it back into a non-unraveled Muppet again.

A fuzzy pink bag with googly eyes and antenna A fuzzy blue bag with googly eyes and antenna

Then a couple of accoutrements for [personal profile] fearless_prime  - fingerless gloves for Ingressing in winter, and a cowl-scarf thing with fun colorful yarn. 

A diagonally knit cowl in color-shifting yarn Jerry wearing the color-shifting cowl Fingerless gloves in red and yellow yarn, with a delicate twisted stitch pattern


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