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Sometimes if I work for long stretches at a time, my wrists, elbows, or shoulders start to hurt. I blame mousing mostly, and typing on the keyboard to a lesser extent.

I would really like some sort of half-physical interface where you can pull items off the screen, look at them and manipulate them, and put them back. For example, if I use my calendar program, I should be able to "peel off" individual appointments as if they were sticky notes on my screen, and "paste" them back in different time slots. I would be able to grab one with two hands and stretch or compress it to a desired length, and get rid of it by ripping it off the screen or scratching it out. If I'm editing text, I'd be able to cut out paragraphs by imitating slicing motions around them, lift them out of the screen, and stick them onto the edge of my monitor while I figure out where they go. Then I could paste them back on the monitor to insert them into existing text.

This doesn't really seem doable, does it. Actually what this sounds like is I'm pretty wedded to the concept of sticky notes and paper. Hmm. I guess for now a touchscreen would do. I also want a pony.
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