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Up: Saturday morning, I participated in the Race Up Boston Place climb (thanks to everyone who donated :-). I didn't die and I made it in 7 minutes and 36 seconds! As a special treat, at the top of the climb we were led into an observation room where we could look down and see all of downtown and the waterfront on one side, and the Zakim bridge and Charlestown on the other. That and they had water bottles (I finished mine in a minute) and cough drops (for which my itchy throat was grateful) and chairs (Oh My Gawd my legs were tired). The other people at my company who went also seemed to have a lot of fun.

Down: By the time we were done it was too late for karate, so I hit downtown crossing for some clothes shopping. It was then I started realizing that the world felt too warm and that my nose was starting to run. And while the fever went away, the rest of the symptoms lasted throughout the weekend, so I had to punt my Saturday evening plans :-(

Up: On my way home (before things got worse) I visited Schoenhof's, which has somehow eluded me for all these eight years I've been in the area. Something about the store being closed on Sunday... but anyways, I browsed the Spanish books section and picked up Diarios de motocicleta: Notas de viaje, which I plan on reading with the help of my new "Pocket Edition" dictionary (at 5" wide x 8" high x 2" deep, it's hardly pocket-sized).

Down: My 4-drawer chest lost more of its structural integrity when I tried putting away my loot from Filene's Basement, so I had to make a trip to Tags and replace the cracked plastic corner brackets with metal ones. And now there are a few more holes in the drawers than there used to be.

Up: But on the way back from Tags I stopped by Shaw's and found... Manischewitz Shake n' Bake (well, "Chicken Roasters")! It's dairy-free and I got to play with raw chicken in a plastic bag! And I got 2.5 pounds of collard greens, which after shredding barely fit in my Dutch oven.

Other fun victuals: [livejournal.com profile] jadia gave me leftover pan-fried fish (mmmm) and some of her freshly baked fruit and nut bread, and [livejournal.com profile] lokiect made lemon souffle.

Up: I finished calculating my taxes.
Down: But I ran out of checks to pay them with. Oops.


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