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I'm speechless.... This hurts on so many levels.

Some Columbus Radio Stations Say No To "Jihad" Spot )
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I opened up the Metro today and found the following gems:
  • Oh My God page 4 is the Denis Leary Fan Club page. It's got a giant photo of Denis Leary and the boat he's donating to the Boston Fire Department, two articles and a brief about his philanthropic efforts, and two quotes. One of the Denis Leary quotes isn't even relevant to anything else on the page:

    Yeah, watching [Sergei] Samsonov play for the Stanley Cup Finals. Yeah, that had no affect [sic] on me whatsoever. And yeah, watching Joe [Thornton] get the MVP Award. Yeah, that was a brilliant trade.

    [livejournal.com profile] doma suggested that it might be some summer intern's last day.

  • Sixty or so puppies in a tractor-trailer died when the truck went up in flames on I-495. I am sad.

  • A nonprofit called "The Gentle Wind Project" is being dissolved for false advertising. They apparently touted "devices ranging from small laminated cards to hockey puck-like disks" that can "help repair a person's energetic structure, thereby improving one's emotional, mental and physical functioning."

  • Yup, Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi visited the Yasukuni shrine again yesterday. What is this, like a yearly occurrence? Expect student riots in China.

  • The solar system is expanding! ... as a result of the International Astronomical Union revising their definition of "planet". One of the new planets might be called "Xena" and its moon "Gabrielle".

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Ian finally breaks the silence (lameness, laziness, torpor, whatever you call it) to highlight a couple of glaring errors in the Metro today.
  • Error the First: an article describes a Brookline septuagenarian as "a Korean War veteran who also spent time in Figi in the Peace Corps."
  • Error the Second: a headline about the impending deadline of MGL c. 148, ยงยง 26F1/2 ("Nicole's Law") reads "All homes must have CO2 alarms by end of month."
Now Ian will crawl back into his den until spring.


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